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What can (and can’t) go in a skip?

What can (and can’t) go in a skip?

Whatever size skip you need, whether it’s a mini for a spring clean, or a 6-yard builder skip for a major home renovation, the rules about what can and can’t go into it stay the same.

Most things can be safely disposed of in a skip. If you’re renovating your home or garden, rubble and building waste can go in, along with garden waste, soil and trimmings. Old bathtubs, sinks and toilets can go in, and various pipes and metalwork. When your skip is returned to Rabbit, the contents are sorted. Recyclable materials are sent to appropriate facilities, metal goes to metal merchants, and hardcore and rubble are sent on for re-use. What remains is burned in Rabbit’s Energy from Waste Facility, generating enough electricity to power 8,000 homes.

When renovating, it’s important to remember that old plasterboard cannot be disposed of in a skip. This is because Environment Agency rules govern the safe disposal of plasterboard, which can emit dangerous gases when it breaks up. Rabbit can provide dedicated skips to put plasterboard in for safe transfer to specialised plasterboard recycling plants. Paints and solvents that you might be using in your renovation cannot be placed in a skip either unless they’re completely empty and dry, but there are ways of safely disposing of these items.

If you’re having a clear-out, be mindful that no electricals can go in your skip – so don’t throw your old TV or fridge in there. Most electrical items are made from a mix of chemicals that can include arsenic, asbestos, lead, mercury and radioactive substances. These can be released when the products are broken down, posing a risk to health and the environment. It’s imperative that electronics are recycled in a controlled way at a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) certified centre.

If you’ve got any old tyres lying around, don’t throw these into your skip. The Tyre Recovery Association will help you find a local tyre collector. Clinical and medical waste is not permitted in a skip either, and of course, the obvious, asbestos products are hazardous and therefore can’t go in your Rabbit Skip.

Rabbit is committed to reducing waste and supporting recycling efforts. Contact Rabbit today for more information skip hire, recycling and plant hire. Reach us on 01903 762020 or email