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Getting ready for a big home renovation

Getting ready for a big home renovation

With so much lingering uncertainty around Brexit, 2019 could be the year that many would-be home buyers decide to make the most of what they’ve got, rather than move to a new house.

Perhaps it’s an extension over your garage to give a much-needed extra bedroom. Or knocking through to give you that open-plan layout you’ve been wishing for. Maybe it’s a case of stripping back dated décor and having a major update of fixtures, fittings and finishes.

However big or small your home renovation project is this year, there are some helpful tips to bear in mind to help it go as smoothly as possible.

Set a budget and stick to it

By the time you’ve secured the relevant permissions, found your contractors and sorted out the appropriate insurance, you should have a pretty good idea of the budget required to make the changes you want. Always build in a contingency budget to cover unexpected costs. Property developer and TV presenter Sarah Beeny says, “Rule number one is make a budget and stick to it. Work out costs for each room, factoring in everything from structural work, such as underpinning, to finishing touches, then add it all up to see if you can afford it.”. Be mindful of your home’s ceiling price – it’s a good idea to consult an estate agent before you embark on renovations.

Make a schedule

Work with your builders to make a clear timetable for the work. Prioritise works that stops further decay if you’re refurbishing an old house. Consider how work in one room will affect other rooms, especially when it comes to updating plumbing and rewiring. Knowing how long a project will take, and building in some contingency time too, will help you keep the project on track.

Decide how you’ll live

Consider how your building work will affect your day-to-day life. Will your kitchen be out-of-bounds? You may need to think about how you will cook for your family over the renovations and make alternative arrangements. Will you be without plumbing or electricity? Thinking about the work carefully beforehand can help you deal with living in a building site and avoid excessive stress.

Befriend your neighbours

Keep your neighbours onside by letting them know exactly what work is taking place and how long it will take. Will the building affect how they access their home? There may be a lot of deliveries and significantly more noise than usual, so be as considerate as possible to keep your neighbours happy.

Take the opportunity to sort out

Making changes to your home can be disruptive, so take the opportunity to clear out and declutter your home, taking advantage of the skip to remove any unwanted items. Once your building work is finished, you’ll have the satisfaction of a well-organised home too.

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