What is the best size skip?

Hiring a skip to clear your household, garden or commercial waste is an excellent idea, especially when there is a lot of it.

Not only does it save on many trips to the dump, or Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) as they are now known, but you can be sure that your waste has been sorted and recycled correctly, meaning that you still do your bit for the environment, even when you are throwing stuff out.

Whether you’re a newcomer to hiring a skip, or you’ve done it plenty of times before, knowing what the best size skip is is the key. Giving proper consideration to the size of skip can save you money and time and there are plenty of skip sizes to choose from, so it’s important to avoid having to order a second skip, or booking one which has plenty of space left over, once you’ve filled it.

Skip Hire Sizes Made Simple

When you’re looking for the best size skip, we can supply a wide range of skip sizes to suit your needs.

From domestic customers, who are having a house clearance, or need to dispose of garden waste and require quick and simple skip hire, up to industrial container-sized skips capable of dealing with large-scale demolition, we are guaranteed to have the best size skip to ensure you dispose of your waste in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Rabbit’s Wide Range Of Skip Sizes

The skip sizes we have available range from the small 2-yard skip, moving up through the sizes to large scale containers. Choose from our wide range of skip sizes below and benefit from our Sussex skip hire services today.

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Get the right sized skip for your needs

Different sized skips can be suitable for different kinds of projects and different types of waste. Get the best size skip for the project you are undertaking and the waste you will be disposing of:

Skip sizes suitable for garden tidy-up or small house clearance

Skip sizes suitable for large house or small building site clearance

Skip sizes suitable for building site clearance, industrial premises or demolition sites

Skip sizes suitable for inert or mixed waste

Skip sizes suitable for mixed waste only

Skip sizes for wood waste only

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