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What is a RoRo Skip: Your Complete Guide

what is a roro skip

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to RoRo Skips, one of the most versatile and efficient waste management solutions available. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or new to the world of waste disposal, you may find yourself facing a project that generates a substantial amount of waste. In such instances, understanding your skip hire options can make all the difference between a smooth operation and a logistical nightmare. This blog aims to demystify the concept of RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) skips for you, offering insights into their advantages, cost factors and much more.

Read on to discover if a RoRo skip hire is the right choice for your next big project.

What is a RoRo Skip?

A RoRo skip, short for Roll-on Roll-off, is a large, open-topped waste container designed for handling significant volumes of waste. Unlike traditional skips, which are lifted onto a lorry for transport, a RoRo skip features a unique mechanism that allows it to roll on and off the transporting vehicle. This makes it not only more efficient for handling large quantities of waste but also more versatile in terms of the type of waste it can accommodate.

What is RoRo Skip Hire Ideal For?

RoRo skips are not a one-size-fits-all solution and understanding their best applications can save both time and resources. Here’s a guide to the types of projects and sectors that can benefit the most from RoRo skip hire:

Large Construction and Demolition Projects

RoRo skips are an excellent choice for large-scale building works where significant amounts of waste will be generated. Their high capacity is ideal for disposing of large quantities of construction and demolition waste, including heavy inert material and mixed waste.

*Heay insert waste is not suitable for 40 yard roro skips. 

Manufacturing and Industrial Units

Factories often produce waste in significant volumes and a RoRo skip can simplify the waste management process. Its ample size can handle the continuous flow of industrial waste efficiently.

Commercial Renovations

If you are undertaking a large commercial renovation project, a RoRo skip is ideal for disposing of bulky items such as furniture, partitions and fixtures.

Landscaping and Garden Clearance

For major landscaping projects or large garden clearances, the RoRo skip’s ability to handle large volumes of organic and garden waste is invaluable.

Bulk Waste Generators

Businesses that consistently generate large volumes of waste, such as distribution centres or large retail outlets, can benefit from the high capacity of RoRo skips.

Events and Festivals

For short-term, large-scale events like festivals or exhibitions, a RoRo skip provides a convenient way to manage substantial waste volumes quickly.

If a RoRo skip sounds like the right fit for your project, we recommend giving our Skip Hire office a call on 01903 762020 to discuss your specific requirements and obtain a tailored quote.

What are the Advantages of RoRo Skips?

RoRo skips come with a host of benefits that make them a favoured option for large-scale projects. Let’s explore some of the key advantages:


  • High Capacity: One of the most obvious benefits is the enormous waste capacity that RoRo skips offer. Ranging from 12 to 40 yards, they are ideal for disposing of large amounts of waste in one go, thus reducing the frequency of collections.


  • Efficient Waste Management: The design of RoRo skips allows for easy segregation of waste materials at the source, aiding in more effective recycling and waste processing.


  • Cost-Effective: When you’re dealing with a large amount of waste, hiring multiple smaller skips can add up in terms of cost and logistics. A single RoRo skip can often be more economical and convenient.


  • Versatility: The RoRo design accommodates a wide array of waste types, from construction debris to industrial waste, making it a versatile option for various kinds of projects.


  • Ease of Loading: The design features a door that allows for walk-in access, making it simpler to load bulky or heavy items.


  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Fewer collections mean fewer journeys for collection vehicles, which in turn contributes to a lower carbon footprint for your project.


  • Time-Saving: With fewer collections required, your project can run more smoothly, saving you valuable time in the long run.


Whether you are overseeing a commercial development, an industrial clear-out, or a large domestic project, the advantages of a RoRo skip make it an option worth considering.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a RoRo Skip?

While RoRo skips offer a range of advantages, it’s essential to understand the cost implications to ensure it fits within your project budget. The cost of hiring a RoRo skip can vary based on several factors:


  • Size of the Skip: RoRo skips come in various sizes, and naturally, the larger the skip, the higher the cost.


  • Location: The cost may differ depending on your geographical location and the distance the skip needs to be transported.


  • Permit Costs: If you need to place the skip on public land, you’ll likely require a permit, which will add to the overall cost. Roro skips are not allowed on the road.


  • Duration: The length of time you need the skip can also influence the cost. Take a look at our article on How Long Can You Hire a Skip For? to learn more about this.


  • Type of Waste: Disposal costs can vary depending on the type of waste you need to get rid of. Hazardous or specialist waste types often incur additional charges.


Given these variables, it’s challenging to provide an exact price point in this blog. However, for the most accurate and tailored quote, we recommend giving our Skip Hire office a call on 01903 762020. Please note that RoRo skips cannot be booked online and must be arranged via phone to ensure all your project needs are thoroughly discussed.

What Range of Sizes Are Available for Roll-on/Roll-off Skips?

Selecting the right skip size is crucial for effective and responsible waste management. At Rabbit Skip Hire, we offer a variety of RoRo skip sizes tailored to meet the demands of different projects, from large building works and factories to demolition projects. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand your options:

Skip Size Volume Dimensions (L x W x H) Capacity Acceptable Waste
12.2 Cubic Yard Skip 9.17 m³ 16 ft x 6’6 ft x 4’7 ft Approx. 240 black bags Heavy inert, wood, mixed waste
16 Cubic Yard Skip 12.23 m³ 19’10 ft x 7’10 ft x 4’4 ft Approx. 320 black bags Heavy inert, wood, mixed waste
40 Cubic Yard Skip 30.58 m³ 19’10 ft x 7’10 ft x 8’6 ft Approx. 800 black bags Wood, mixed waste, (Not suitable for heavy insert)


It’s important to note that the access width required for all our RoRo skips is 10 ft (3 Metres), so please ensure you have adequate space when planning your project.

What Factors to Consider When Getting a Roll-on Roll-off Skip?

Selecting a RoRo skip is not just about size; several other factors should be taken into account to ensure you choose the most suitable option for your project. Here are some crucial elements to consider:


  • Type of Waste: The first step is understanding the type of waste your project will generate. Different skips are better suited for different materials, such as heavy inert waste, wood, or mixed waste.

*Heay insert waste is not suitable for 40 yard roro skips.

  • Volume of Waste: Estimate the volume of waste you expect to produce. This will help you choose the appropriate skip size and avoid unnecessary costs for unused capacity or additional collections.


  • Access and Placement: Ensure that you have adequate space for the RoRo skip, keeping in mind that an access width of at least 10 ft (3 Metres) is required and that there are no height restrictions.


  • Permit Requirements: If you’re placing the skip on public property, you’ll likely need a permit from the local council, which can add to the cost and require additional time for approval. Roro skips are not allowed on the road.


  • Duration of Hire: Consider how long you will need the skip.


  • Environmental Responsibility: Look for a provider that prioritises environmentally friendly waste disposal practices, like Rabbit Skip Hire, to align with your project’s sustainability goals. Learn more about our Environmental Management Systems.


By carefully considering these factors, you’ll be better equipped to choose a RoRo skip that aligns with your project’s requirements, ensuring efficient and responsible waste management.

In Conclusion

This guide has aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of RoRo skips, exploring their various applications, advantages, and important factors to consider for effective waste management. Whether your project is commercial, industrial, or even residential in scale, the attributes of RoRo skips offer substantial benefits that could make them an ideal fit for your waste disposal needs.

We hope this information proves useful in your decision-making process and contributes to the success of your upcoming project.

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