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How do you recycle electricals?

How do you recycle electricals?

When you’re having a spring clean, renovating your home or moving to a new house, a skip can come in handy for getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore. But while Rabbit recycle as much material as we can from your skip, not all items are allowed to be disposed of in this way – including electricals.

What types of electricals can go into a skip?

Absolutely no electricals can be disposed of in a skip. That applies to big items like TVs, fridges and freezers, but smaller electronics too, such as alarm clocks, CD and DVD players, games consoles and small kitchen appliances. Personal grooming products like hairdryers, electric toothbrushes and shavers should not go in your skip either. Lawnmowers, shredders, lamps, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, cameras… the list goes on, but the rule stays the same.

Why can’t electricals go into a skip?

Most electrical items are made from a complex mix of materials. Some of these can be hazardous, including arsenic, asbestos, lead, mercury and radioactive substances and can be released during processing, posing risks to health and the environment. It’s imperative that electronics must be recycled in a controlled way in special recycling facilities to avoid damage.

How do you recycle electricals?

Waste electricals can be taken to your nearest local council electronics recycling centre, known as a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling facility. For more information about how electricals are recycled, watch this short video and learn how the materials are repurposed at these specialist facilities. Alternatively, the retailer you bought the electrical from is obliged to take it back for free to be properly recycled.

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