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Things you can’t put in a skip

Things you can’t put in a skip

A skip is essential when you’ve got a large amount of waste to clear.

For big DIY projects, spring cleaning and garden clearances, a skip is the place to throw everything that’s not needed anymore.

Then it’s whisked away for responsible disposal.

But, before that happens, bear in mind there are a few things that must never go in a skip. Here’s what and why…

Fridges, freezers and electricals

Fridges, freezers and other appliances can’t go in a skip.

This is because they contain hazardous chemicals and materials. If you contact your local council, they can advise the best way to get rid of unwanted electricals and appliances and the location of the nearest Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling centre.

It’s also worth checking with a retailer if they offer a trade-in service if you’re replacing electricals with new items, as often they’ll take the old one away.

Alternatively, some charities accept electricals that are in working order or you might want to sell them.

Paints, solvents and fuel

Paints, solvents and fuel must be disposed of separately because they contain dangerous chemicals.

This also extends to substances such as bleach and detergents. Dry paint in pots is fine, it’s just the liquid solvents to be mindful of. Your local council will advise where your local licensed disposal centre is for paints, fuel and other harmful solvents.

You can also find more information on the government’s hazardous waste disposal site.


Tyres are notoriously tricky to dispose of, but there are specialist companies that can recycle them into useful new things like rubber playground flooring.

The Tyre Recovery Association will help you find a local tyre collector, or you may find your local garage or tyre-fitter will take them off your hands too.


Some find it surprising, but plasterboard must be disposed of separately from general skip waste.

Guidance from the Environment Agency stipulates that plasterboard and other gypsum materials can emit dangerous gases when it is broken down.

Contact your local council for advice on how to safely dispose of plasterboard. OR Rabbit can provide special bags to put plasterboard in for safe disposal.


Big or small, batteries must never go in a skip. This is because they contain dangerous chemicals and metals, so they must be disposed of separately and responsibly.

Car garages might take your old car batteries and there are specialist drop-offs to take other batteries to – can help you find your nearest location.

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