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How to prepare your home for renovations and extensions

How to prepare your home for renovations and extensions


Whether it’s a kitchen refit, or a large-scale extension, getting your home ready for a big renovation is a vital part of the project. Before the tradesmen arrive on site and work commences, it’s important to have a clear-out and organise your home effectively in preparation for building work.

1. Clear out

One of your first priorities needs to be clearing out the rooms that are going to be worked on, to allow the access that your contractors will need. Moving furniture into other rooms, or putting it into storage, not only gets the site clear, but stripping back the rooms and pulling up carpets can also give you a good chance to check for damp, rot and cracks that you may have missed, especially if you’re renovating a period property.

Before you start, remember to book a skip, which will make it easy to dispose of all your discarded items and have them taken away for you, meaning no time-consuming trips to the dump. Make sure you have the right size of skip to cope with the volume of waste you will produce; a six cubic yard skip is usually sufficient for a large home renovation, taking approximately 120 black bags but to make sure you.

2. Organise

When it comes to getting rid of rubbish, organise items into categories: salvage, sell, charity, or skip. Salvage anything that can be cleaned up or re-enamelled like bathroom sanitary ware. Sell things that are in good condition or take them to a local charity shop. Items that are waste or for recycling can go in the skip.

3. Prepare

Your usual routines will be disrupted during extensions or renovations, and if you’re planning on continuing to live at home during the work, you’ll need to think about how everyday life will fit around the upheaval. Simple steps like deciding which bathroom will be accessible to workmen and which areas will be off-limits is a good start. If your kitchen will be affected, think about where to relocate your kettle, microwave and a small fridge to allow you to prepare drinks and simple meals. If you’ve got children, making your home safe during major renovations is crucial, so consider how you will ensure the site will be out of bounds for them.

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