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Sorting out for Spring?

Sorting out for Spring?

When March rolls around, there’s a glimmer of longer days and warmer weather on the horizon and thoughts turn to spring cleaning. This annual ritual can be a cathartic time, throwing open windows to let fresh air in and having a good clear-out of things no longer needed.

This year, spring cleaning is expected to be bigger than ever, thanks to the burgeoning popularity of Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo and Instagram cleaning aficionado, Mrs Hinch. Spring cleaning properly takes time and effort, but you’ll be well rewarded with a clean and organised home.

Once you start systematically sorting your house and de-cluttering, you’ll have three piles – ‘Keep’, ‘Skip’ and ‘Donate/Sell’. By donating or selling as many items as possible, you’ll reduce the size of the skip you need. Rabbit mini skips are usually ideal for spring cleaning and can be easier and cheaper than multiple runs to the local tip.

By hiring a Rabbit skip, you’ll reduce your contribution to landfill and save time sorting your waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. Rabbit removes recyclable items such as paper and glass and sends them to recycling facilities. Soil, bricks and hardcore go to the construction and aggregate industries and metals are removed then sent to metal merchants. Rabbit removes plastics from skips and sends to specialist plastic pre-processors. Be mindful of items that can’t go into a skip, such as paints, electrics, tyres and materials which may be hazardous to people and the environment.

Whatever is left is shredded and screened to remove any last remaining metals, then burned to produce super-heated steam that drives a generator to create green electricity, this is enough to power around 8,000 homes.

When the sorting out is complete, it’s time to clean and freshen all the shelves and cupboards while they’re still empty, before replenishing them with the items you’ve decided to keep.

Rabbit is committed to reducing waste and supporting recycling efforts. Contact Rabbit today for more information skip hire, recycling and plant hire. Reach us on 01903 762020 or email