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How to spring clean properly

How to spring clean properly

Spring cleaning is more than just digging the glass cleaner out of the back of the cupboard and giving the windows a once over. Proper spring cleaning means refreshing the house from top to bottom, and it should be a satisfying yearly ritual. So roll up your sleeves, throw open the windows to let some spring air into your home and prepare to spend a couple of days getting your home properly clean and tidy.

Tidy up properly

Always start at the top of your house and work down. The first job is tidying and decluttering, systematically sorting out each room into piles of keep, skip and donate/sell. Once a room is tidy, it’s then time to dust, clean, and vacuum (in that order), making sure all the furniture is pulled out and cleaned behind.

Clean the curtains

The annual spring clean is the best chance to refresh your curtains. Regular cleaning will keep them fresh and in tip top shape. Check to see whether they can be machine washed (taking care to remove any hooks first) or if they need to be professionally cleaned.

Clean inside furniture

When you’re doing your big sort out, don’t just pile the things you’re keeping back into grubby drawers and cupboards. Clean carefully inside them, wiping the insides with cedarwood oil, or a suitable antibacterial cleaner. Take the opportunity to properly organise your belongings, perhaps moving things around to find them homes in more logical places.

Don’t forget the lights

It’s amazing how dirty light fittings can get. To clean then properly, switch off the lights and remove the shades and bulbs. Carefully clean glass fixtures with soapy water or glass cleaner, and vacuum fabric shades with the brush nozzle of your vacuum cleaner.

Freshen the beds

We should be flipping mattresses every three months, helping to maintain the shape and increase longevity. If you’re too forgetful for that sort of upkeep, at least try and do it during your annual spring clean. While you’re doing it, take the opportunity to vacuum the mattress too. It’s a good opportunity to take your duvets, throws and pillows to the drycleaner, as they need large capacity drums to be cleaned and dried properly.

Clean large appliances

Cleaning appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and tumble driers will keep them working efficiently. Dig out the instructions to see exactly how to clean your particular appliance correctly. While you’re at it, take the opportunity to pull large appliances out and clean underneath and behind them. Small appliances will need some attention too – descaling your kettle and coffee machine, and decrumbing your toaster thoroughly.

Refresh carpets and upholstery

One of the last spring cleaning tasks is organising your carpets to be cleaned. Experts will tell you that carpets should be deep cleaned twice a year. You can get a professional in (perhaps getting them to give your sofas a once over too) or you can hire a carpet cleaning machine to do it at your own pace. These days, your carpets won’t take long to dry – usually just a few hours.

And relax…

And after all that hard work, once the skip has been taken away and every room in your house is tidy and organised, you can sit back and enjoy your refreshed home – it’s worth it.

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