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8 ideas for reusing common household plastics

8 ideas for reusing common household plastics

As a nation, we are getting better at recycling. But, while recycling is undoubtedly better than sending plastics off to landfill, the environmental benefits are increased when we find ways to reuse plastics instead.

  1. Refill plastic containers 

    At The Refillery in Draper’s Yard, Chichester, you can buy dried foods and cleaners without any packaging by bringing along your own plastic containers. By refilling instead of purchasing new, unwanted containers every time you shop, you’ll dramatically reduce your plastic consumption.

  2. Repurpose plastic bottles 

    Turn plastic bottles into useful items like children’s pencil holders, just by taking scissors to them. You can make plant pots and watering cans too and get your kids to decorate them.

  3. Use plastic tubs to organise 

    If you’re planning a good tidy up, plastic tubs and containers are ideal for storing small items in drawers to help keep things organised.

  4. Build a children’s den 

    Gather old milk bottles (you’ll need lots of them!) and give them a good wash. Then challenge yourself to create an amazing igloo for your kids.

  5. Create some eco-art 

    Feeling creative? Use these inspirational ideas to create your own masterpiece from old plastic.

  6. Design a plastic bottle light shade 

    Take notes from eco-artist Sarah Turner and create a statement light shade from plastic bottles.

  7. Make some ‘plarn’ 

    If you’ve got a stash of plastic bags and you’re a keen knitter or crafter, make your own yarn from them. There are plenty of ideas out there about what can be created with plarn.

  8. Create a floral display 

    Head to Pinterest for a world of ideas about creating flowers for your home from old plastic bottles.

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