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Recycling electricals: what are the options?

Recycling electricals: what are the options?

Technology is ever-changing. Newer TVs. Faster computers. Better mobile phones. More efficient appliances. Smart technology. But with new electricals flowing into our homes, what should happen to the electricals we don’t need anymore?

Can old electricals be donated?

Some charity shops accept donations of working electricals, but others don’t. You must check before donating. Some charities, such as the British Heart Foundation, will collect old electricals for free.

It’s not just charity shops that accept donations. There’s been an increase in community projects that help distribute old, but working, computers to people in need. In the coronavirus pandemic, some children didn’t have access to a computer to facilitate their learning, and donated computers helped.

Can I sell old electricals?

If they’re not broken or damaged, old electrical items can be sold on resale sites such as eBay or Gumtree. But it’s not the only way of selling electricals. Mobile phone companies, such as Apple, will buy back old devices and deduct the value off the cost of a new one. Your old device will be safely recycled. Don’t forget that if you’re donating or selling a computer, phone or other device, make sure that all of your data is deleted first. The Information Commissioner’s Office has up to date advice on how to do this properly.

Can old electricals go into a waste bin?

If you’re having a spring clean or preparing your home for a renovation, you might be starting with a good sort out. Often, old electricals are found at the back of a cupboard. Broken hairdryers, old coffee machines, redundant laptops and old speakers – things long forgotten, but not yet disposed of. This is often because broken electricals should not be put in your household waste. To see if your weekly or fortnightly collection will accept electricals, you can check on the Recycle Now website.

Can I put electricals in a skip?

Skips are a brilliant way to dispose of a large amount of waste all in one go. And when you hire a Rabbit skip, we sort the contents into recyclable and non-recyclable items, saving you the job. But some items cannot go in a skip, and that includes electricals.

How should I dispose of old electricals?

If your kerbside collection won’t take electricals, and you can’t donate or sell the item, you’ll need to dispose of it responsibly. You’ll need to take it to a certified WEEE recycling location for proper disposal. If you’re buying a new appliance, such as a fridge or oven, often the retailer will offer an option to collect and recycle your old appliance for an extra fee. For the inconvenience of disposing of large appliances and transporting it to a WEEE recycling location, this is often a service worth considering.

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