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Bonfire or skip?

Bonfire or skip?

When you’ve got a large amount of waste to dispose of, perhaps from a home renovation or spring clean, keeping costs down is usually a factor. Burning it, by planning a bonfire, may seem like the cheapest option – but they can come with a cost that goes beyond cash.

Bonfires can damage the environment and health

Burning some items on a bonfire can lead to toxic smoke that can damage human health as well as cause irreversible environmental damage. Only a few, select items can be safely burned on a bonfire – dry, untreated wood; dry, non-green garden waste; and cardboard and paper. Some things that you may assume are safe to burn may not be, including MDF wood because the glue that holds it together is toxic when burned.

Bonfires can be illegal

It’s a criminal offence to dispose of waste in a way that could cause harm to health or pollution and there are hefty fines. Items that should never be burned on a bonfire because they produce dangerous emissions include wet or treated wood, fuels, fireworks, paints, mattresses or sofas, metals, glass, batteries and general household rubbish. Although some of these items cannot be put in a skip either, a skip can remove far more waste than what can be legally burned on a bonfire.

Skip waste is recycled

Hiring a skip may be safer and more convenient than a bonfire. Not only can you put items into a skip that cannot be burned on a bonfire, skip waste handled by Rabbit is disposed of responsibly. All recyclable items, including metals, plastics and hardcore, are removed and sent to specialist processors for recycling.

Waste from skips helps produce green energy

What remains after our skips are sorted is burned in a controlled way – in our Energy from Waste plant. The steam generated drive turbines to produce enough green energy to power 8,000 homes. Unlike bonfires, the exhaust from the combustors is treated through a cooling process and a filter, so all emissions are maintained and monitored.

Skip hire may be cheaper than you think

While a bonfire may be free, it’s rarely suitable for all the waste you’ll need to dispose of. Skip hire may be cheaper than you think, and far more convenient than several runs to the local recycling centre.

To find out more about skip hire in West Sussex and our Energy from Waste Facility, contact Rabbit. Reach us on 01903 762020 or email