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How is hardcore recycled?

How is hardcore recycled?

Hardcore is low absorbency, solid material. Made of large aggregates such as construction waste, bricks, rubble, tiles, rock and gravel, hardcore often ends up in skips from construction and demolition projects.

Can hardcore go into a skip?

Although some items cannot go into a skip, hardcore can. Once a skip is full and taken away by Rabbit, the contents are processed through an automated materials recovery facility.

At this stage, hardcore is removed and sent to specialist construction and aggregate processors. Rabbit also remove recyclable materials, metals and plastics from a skip before finely shredding what remains and burning it in a specialist Energy from Waste facility.

What happens to old hardcore?

Hardcore retrieved from skips is sent to quarries. It is crushed, then passed through a screener to create graded aggregate based on size so that it can be used for a variety of projects. Crushed recycled hardcore can provide a base for building and groundworks for roads and driveways.

When hardcore is handled this way, it avoids it being sent to landfill – in fact, Rabbit, and their Energy from Waste plant divert around 75,000 tonnes of waste a year away from landfill, while generating electricity for around 8,000 homes.

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