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What can be safely put on a bonfire?

What can be safely put on a bonfire?

Guy Fawkes night is nearly upon us and as thoughts turn to toffee apples and dazzling firework displays, you might also be gathering things together to create a spectacular bonfire. But what can be safely burned on a bonfire and what should be avoided?

Items that are suitable to burn on a bonfire include:

  • Dry, untreated wood
  • Dry, non-green garden waste like prunings and brambles
  • Cardboard and paper

Remember, it is a criminal offence to get rid of domestic waste in a way that could cause pollution or harm to health. Burning plastic, rubber and painted materials release toxic smoke. Other items that shouldn’t be burned on a bonfire include:

  • Wet or treated wood
  • Flammable liquids like paraffin or petrol
  • Fireworks
  • Aerosols or paint tins
  • Foam-filled furniture
  • Metal, including nails or staples that may be found in wood
  • Batteries
  • Glass
  • Mattresses
  • General household rubbish

If you’ve got a lot of items to dispose of that aren’t suitable to burn on a bonfire, consider hiring a skip to get rid of these unwanted items. It’s more environmentally friendly too. But if you do decide on creating a bonfire, there’s important safety advice to bear in mind. Although bonfires are legal, they must be conducted in a responsible and considerate way. This includes:

  • Informing your neighbours
  • Only burning dry material so there is less smoke
  • Building the bonfire safely away from fences and trees
  • Ensuring there are no cables above the bonfire
  • Keeping children and pets well away
  • Making sure smoke will not blow across nearby roads
  • Keeping a bucket of water or a garden house nearby, just in case

The UK Fire Service has more top tips on bonfire safety.

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