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The big autumn garden clear-up

The big autumn garden clear-up

Autumn is a busy season for gardeners. It’s the time of year where the focus is on clearing up, undertaking some routine maintenance and making sure your garden is in the best condition to thrive once spring arrives.

Clear fallen leaves

If you’ve got a lot of deciduous trees, you might have piles of leaves to tidy up. It’s especially important to keep paths clear of leaves as they can become slippery. Store small piles of leaves under hedges to provide shelter for small wildlife. The rest can be composted, or responsibly burned if they’re dry. Garden waste is appropriate to be disposed of in a skip too.

Tidy borders

Dig up annuals and re-plant your borders with pansies and wallflowers. Cut back perennials and spread a good layer of compost or bark chips to get your borders neat and ready to grow once warmer weather returns. Garden waste from your borders can be disposed of in your compost, but if you’re having a large autumn overhaul, you might want to consider hiring a skip.

Mow the lawn

Your final mow of the year ensures that you have a neat lawn over the winter. You can leave the grass slightly longer than usual by resetting the blades on your mower. Carefully cut the edges with an edging tool for a precise finish, then you can forget about any more work on your lawn until next year.

Make routine repairs

Ensure sheds and compost bins are not damaged so they’re water-tight throughout the winter. You can paint them with a wood preservative and make sure they’re in top condition. If you’ve got a greenhouse, this is the time to replace broken panes and faulty vents.

Get ready for the birds

Take care to empty your bird boxes as old nesting materials can carry diseases. Wash them out with hot water before you replace them. Don’t forget to clean out bird feeders and bird baths too.

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