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Skip hire in West Sussex – everything you need to know

Skip hire in West Sussex – everything you need to know

If you haven’t hired a skip in Sussex before, you may have some questions about what’s involved. Here, we answer some of the most common queries from first-time skip hirers.

How much does a skip cost in West Sussex?

How much a skip costs to hire in West Sussex depends on its size. At Rabbit, we have five sizes, with hire prices starting from £192, including VAT. Our team can advise on the best size for your project, or you can read our guide.

Is a skip the cheapest way of disposing of waste?

Hiring a skip has several advantages over doing multiple runs to your local recycling centre. If you opt for tip runs, then you’ll have to do the sorting yourself and separate recyclables from non-recyclables. At Rabbit, we sort your skip once it’s returned to us. We remove all the recyclable items and process what’s left through our Energy from Waste facility to generate green electricity.

It’s also worth knowing that construction and demolition waste is limited to 200kg per visit to your local tip – plus a requirement to prove your West Sussex residency.

What about a bonfire for my waste?

If you’re considering a bonfire for your waste, it must be safe. You can only safely and legally burn a small number of items, so if you have a variety of waste that needs disposal, a skip could be your best option.

Can I order a skip online?

When you hire a skip through Rabbit, you can book online. If you need help deciding what size skip you need, or have any questions about delivery, you can call our team on 01903 762020.

How long can I hire a skip for?

Our maximum hire period is two weeks. If you need a permit for your skip, there may be other time restrictions enforced. If you fill your skip and need a replacement, you can arrange a pickup and drop off through our office on 01903 762020 or by email

Do I need a permit to hire a skip in West Sussex?

If your skip is placed entirely on private land, such as a driveway, field or garden, you will not need a permit.

If you need to place the skip on the road, then you’ll need a skip permit. We’ll arrange this for you and include the price in your skip hire. The permit will outline how long the skip can stay in position and outline specific safety rules.

How long does it take to get a skip permit in West Sussex?

It doesn’t usually take long to get a skip permit in West Sussex, but at Rabbit, we think it’s best to allow four working days.

Do I need a parking bay suspension?

If you intend to place a skip in a parking bay, pay to park or resident parking, you’ll also need to get a parking bay suspension. Unlike skip permits, you’ll have to arrange this directly with Adur & Worthing council.

What can I put in a skip?

Skips are for general waste (mixed lightweight) and inert waste (heavy) only. Mixed lightweight waste includes garden clearance waste and household clearance waste. Inert, heavy waste includes industrial building materials. Several items that cannot go into a skip because they need specialist disposal.

How do I load a skip properly?

Skip safety is imperative. It’s essential to load a skip properly to ensure it’s safe to move. Evenly spread bigger and heavier items along the bottom of the skip. Lighter items should be nearer the top. Caution should be taken not to overfill the skip – if it is, we may not be able to take it away.

Where do you take my waste?

When Rabbit collects your skip, it’s returned to our facility in Lancing, West Sussex. There, we sort the contents and remove all recyclable items. What remains is processed through our Energy from Waste facility. This state-of-the-art technology provides green electricity for 8000 homes.

To find out more about skip hire in West Sussex and our Energy from Waste facility, contact Rabbit. Reach us on 01903 762020 or email