Green Waste Management

What Happens When We Fail To Recycle?

There’s no avoiding it – we still make and use too many things that are neither recyclable nor reusable. Whilst we have made significant steps from being the ‘throwaway society’ we once were, we have yet to reach the point when everyday items always come in easily disposed packaging.

At Rabbit Group we are able to reclaim useful materials from all kinds of waste products – from building sites to technology – and our generator facilities mean we can make clean energy out of waste as well. But what happens if someone fails or simply cannot recycle their waste?

What is a landfill site?

Landfills are a problematic but necessary reality in our country’s waste management programme. It is here that items which cannot be recycled or reused end up. Essentially, a landfill is an area in the countryside where recesses – either naturally occurring or created through activities such as mining – are filled with rubbish and refuse, and then covered over. On the positive side this can help in-land reclamation programmes, creating practical sites for construction or other use. On the negative, however, landfill is a finite solution: there’s only so much capacity for rubbish to be treated in this way before we run out of suitable sites.

How are landfill sites managed?

Landfills can be managed in one of two ways – dilute and disperse or with full containment. The dilute and disperse approach involves mixing the rubbish with earth and leaving it to decompose with no seal or cap. As the refuse breaks down – and all materials eventually decay – the residue can seep into the soil or into the water table presenting potential pollution risks. The second, and now more common, approach, full containment, involves filling containers with refuse and then sealing them, thereby ensuring the decomposition does not have any adverse effect on the local environment.

Both techniques have long-term implications. Refuse made up of items that cannot be recycled and/or reused needs long-term management, monitoring and care. With these solutions it’s very much the case that what we throw away today becomes the responsibility of future generations tomorrow.

Far better then to take the Rabbit Group approach and ensure whatever you throw away is recycled or reused whenever possible. Our approach to energy generation from waste means there is less waste around to pose challenges in the future.

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