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Seven Secrets to Greening Your BBQ This Summer

The sun is out, which means you need to get out there quick and fire up that BBQ or the British summer will be gone before you know it. But before you light the charcoal and raid the freezer, here are our top tips for delivering a green and pleasant al fresco experience:

1.    Ditch the Disposable – the supermarket tray of charcoal looks easy and convenient, but it’s a one-use only deal and immediately creates a messy recycling headache of foil and carbon. Whenever possible get a re-usable option. There are many BBQs on the market that are no less portable or useable on the spur of the moment. If you’re heading to a park or beach, plan ahead and find out if there are any pre-built BBQ sites you can use.

2.    Fuel the Fire – gas fired BBQs are the most energy efficient and they release less Carbon Dioxide emissions than traditional solid fuels. However, if you want that smoky tang of a traditional BBQ you can still get organic and more eco-sourced solid fuels – so choose wisely.

3.    Be Prepared (to cook) – whatever your chosen method of cooking if you have your food lined up you’ll be set to make the most of your grill when it’s ready. A BBQ thermometer will let you know exactly when it’s ready to go and help ensure everything is cooked perfectly.

4.    Reusable Crockery – pack your picnic hamper in advance. If you have proper plates, cutlery, beakers – even glasses and more fancy serving dishes – you’ll have a classier time and one which you can pack up again at the end of the day. If you aren’t able to bring your own crockery, then make sure the utensils you use are recyclable. Card, paper, plastic – everything can be recycled and in some locations you’ll find there are big green bins ready and waiting for your recycling.

5.    Think Local, Buy Local – wherever you find yourself there’s bound to be a local butcher, grocer and/or fruit supplier who’ll give you the very best in produce. Remember, local produce means fewer food miles, lower carbon emissions and a stronger local economy.

6.    Cater Correctly – are you feeding five or fifty people? It may be tempting to load the shopping trolley with treats but left-over food is wasteful. Think about how many adults and children are coming and shop accordingly – and don’t forget to check if you have vegetarians coming too. If there are some things uneaten, be sure to incorporate these into your meal plans over the next day or so.

7.    Have a Bin Bag at the ready – the final essential ingredient for your green BBQ is a bin bag so that if you do not have access to a bin or any recycling facilities, you can take any rubbish with you to ensure that no litter is left behind.

Whenever you BBQ have a great time – and don’t forget, the Rabbit Group is here to help you recycle your waste as effectively as possible, whatever the weather. Call us on 01903 762020 or email