Green Waste Management

The Business Benefits of Becoming a Paperless Office

Switching to a paperless office has never been easier and making the move not only saves money through buying fewer resources but by making your workplace more efficient than ever before – and it can earn you an edge over your competitors.  Whatever the size of your business there’s bound to be a back office administration area where paperwork is rife and where electronic systems could make a significant change. Here are some incentives to going paperless:

1: Find what you need – faster! Electronic record keeping means you can swiftly search your computer systems and find that crucial information. No more rooting around in filing cabinets.

2: Space saved. Without the need to store paperwork you don’t need the filing cabinets. More space to relax – maybe grab a beanbag or two.

3: Better communications with customers and clients. If you need to get information out to the people who matter, it’s quick, easy and reliable to hit a button and send an email. Why waste time finding the right piece of paper and sending it by post? If your customers are regularly asking you for the same information, put it on your website. Everyone can see it and there’s no paper required.

4: Rapid sign-up. If you’re looking to grow your customer list or want to keep in touch with the people who contact you, get them to sign up online. Their details go straight into your system and there’s no chance of error as there is when copying details from paper forms.

5: Expand your network without the cost. If you want to market your services and ideas to new people, it’s easier to put that information on your website and encourage people to see it there, than it is to invest in a paper-based mailout  again, less initial spending and greater efficiency throughout your marketing campaign.

6: Security. With the right electronic security systems in place your information will be safe and secure. You don’t need to worry about where your used paper work is going and you don’t need to pay more money to ensure it is securely disposed of. Just hit a button and sensitive records disappear.

7: More room in your Rabbit bin! Last and by no means least, if you’re not filling your Rabbit Waste Bin with waste paper ready to be recycled, there’ll be more space in there for other waste materials. Remember, whatever your waste, at Rabbit we always aim to maximise recycling and minimise landfill. Without excessive paperwork, and with Rabbit Waste Management’s help, you can do your bit to make the world a greener place.

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