Green Waste Management

5 Reasons You Should Get Involved with Earth Hour

Originally going under the name of ‘The Big Flick’, Earth Hour is an initiative organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature. The idea is, and always has been, to unite people around the world in an awareness of climate change and the positive action they can take on this issue. Starting in Sydney Australia in 2007, the event calls on everyone to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour. This year that hour is on 28th March between 8.30 and 9.30pm local time.

Why should you get involved?

  1. Last year more than 7000 cities, towns and municipalities took part
  2. You can create your own Earth Hour event, involving your family and friends
  3. You save on your energy bill and help benefit the planet
  4. Earth Hour can inspire you to take part in bigger environmental initiatives
  5. This is a chance for you to use your power to make a difference

Producing electricity from your waste

At Rabbit we’re 100% committed to making a difference to the climate and how we use and source electricity. In fact, we’re already creating electricity without harming the climate. We do this by using the waste we collect at our energy from waste facility.

If we can’t directly recycle something we’ve collected, we shred it and burn it to produce super-heated steam. This steam is then used to power high-pressure turbines, which, linked to a generator, produce five megawatts of electricity.

The waste we burn would otherwise head to landfill – so that’s 60,000 tonnes of waste every year that ends up doing something good for the planet rather than cluttering it up. Meanwhile we produce sufficient green electricity to power about 8,000 homes.

And just in case you’re wondering, the exhaust from the fire is treated and monitored so all emissions are below permitted levels at all times. We even recycle the ash from the fire.

So when you switch your lights back on after this year’s Earth Hour, remember you can go further to help combat climate change. Look around you – there’s always a light, an electronic device that doesn’t really need to be on – so always check what you’re using and turn off anything you’re not

Find out more about our energy from waste facility by calling us today on 01903 762020.