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How to have a post-Christmas clear-out

How to have a post-Christmas clear-out

By this point in January, Christmas decorations are packed away in boxes for another year. But festive sparkle can give way to sparkle of another kind – an organised and freshly clean home.

January is the perfect time to have a thorough sort out. It’s typically a time where there’s a lot of tidying up to do anyway: recycling Christmas cards and wrapping paper, finding homes for gifts (or perhaps deciding what to do with unwanted presents), and disposing of the Christmas tree. So while you’re on a roll and getting your home back to normal, perhaps it’s the chance to go a little further in two steps – declutter and deep clean.


After filling our homes with lights and decorations, it can be quite cathartic to de-clutter. Systematically work room by room, deciding what to keep or dispose of. Of the items you choose to get rid of, make piles of things you could donate or sell, and items to throw in the skip for recycling.

With so much shopping taking place online now, you might find yourself overwhelmed with cardboard boxes and packaging – more than your kerbside recycling bin can take and perhaps even more than a couple of runs to your Household Waste Recycling Centre. So in the aftermath of Christmas, it might be easier and more convenient to hire a skip and purge all of the excess packaging in one go.

Deep clean

With a lingering pandemic casting a gloomy shadow, cleanliness and hygiene have never been so much in the public psyche. Superficially, our homes may be cleaner than ever, and we may have even got used to blasts of wintery air from throwing open windows in the name of ventilation. But in the aftermath of Christmas ‘bubbles,’ it can be prudent to go a step further. If you’ve had guests staying over, you may want to consider getting duvets, throws and pillows laundered in large capacity drums at the launderette or dry cleaner. Guest towels should be cleaned on a hot wash.

If the wintery weather has crept inside on shoes and boots, perhaps now’s the time to think about having carpets professionally cleaned, along with any upholstery or curtains that could do with a freshen up. If you decide to replace any soft furnishings, remember that old carpets, curtains and furniture can all go in a skip if they’re not good enough to be sold or donated.

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