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7 things to do with an unwanted Christmas gift

7 things to do with an unwanted Christmas gift
We’ve all been there: unwrapping a gift only to find it’s something you’ve already got. Or even something you simply don’t like. Christmas can be full of moments like this, so what should you do next?

  1. Donate it to charity
    Your trash is another’s treasure – so give your gift a good home and donate it to a charity shop to sell to a more willing recipient. You’ll know that you’re contributing to the work of a charity of your choice too.
  2. Give it back
    If the gift is something you’ve already got, returning it to the sender explaining you’ve already got it means they could get a refund for it. If it’s something you just don’t like, giving it back will depend on your relationship with them, and being sure it won’t cause them offence…!
  3. Sell it
    Selling sites like Gumtree and eBay and social media selling pages are full of unwanted gifts come January. Or, you could pop the gift in a box ready to sell at your next car boot sale. Where it’ll sell best depends on what it is, so be prepared to do your research first.
  4. Give to somebody else
    If you’re the organised type, you might have a stash of presents ready for upcoming birthdays, so your unwanted gift can go in there, ready for someone who may like the gift more than you.
  5. Take it back to the shop
    If you’re lucky, the sender may have enclosed a receipt with your gift. You can return the gift to the shop it was purchased from and get a gift voucher to spend another day, or perhaps pick up a bargain in the January sale. You may be able to exchange the gift even without a receipt if you know where they bought it from.
  6. Swap it
    Swapping is growing in popularity, perhaps in resistance to our consumer-driven society. Clothes swapping events are often known as swishing, if it’s an item of clothing you’ve received. You can usually find details of local swapping events on social media, or just arrange a swap with friends and family.
  7. Keep it
    Gifts can be useful to hold on to for when your local school or charity is looking for raffle or auction gifts. So if you’ve got the space to store your unwanted gift, it might come in handy further down the line. Who knows, maybe in time you’ll decide it wasn’t such a bad gift after all and decide to keep it for good…

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