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Effortless ways to live more sustainably

Effortless ways to live more sustainably

We all know our world is facing a climate crisis. And while we also know that investing in electric cars and running our homes on renewable energy will help, these aren’t always quick, easy, or cheap changes to make. But there are simple steps that everyone can take to be a little greener.

Use a dishwasher

Believe it or not, using a dishwasher is more water-efficient than washing by hand. Making sure it’s full before you run it and choosing an ‘eco’ setting if your machine has one, all help to maximise efficiency.

Shop online for groceries

Another easy win is shopping for groceries online. Ordering a weekly food delivery cuts down on multiple car journeys to the shops. A little planning helps reduce how regularly you need to reorder too. What’s more, the major supermarkets are investing in their electric fleets, with Tesco promising to be fully electrical by 2028.

Eat less meat

Research from the University of Oxford has found that eliminating meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce a person’s carbon footprint by as much as 73%. If veganism isn’t for you, simply reducing your meat consumption can positively impact the environment. Combined with eating seasonally and locally, opting for unpackaged fruit and vegetables, and reducing overall food waste can also contribute to positive change.

Hire a skip

If you’ve had a post-Christmas clear-out or planning home renovations, you might be surprised to hear that hiring a skip is one of the greenest ways to dispose of your rubbish. That’s because skip hire companies like Rabbit recycle as much as possible from the contents. What can’t be recycled is processed through our Energy Recovery Facility that generates green electricity.

Consider bars instead of bottles

Happily, more and more brands are providing refills for their products. For example, you can hang on to the original bottles and refills of hand soap, shower gel, and household disinfectants. While this moves in the right direction, it’s even better to try shampoo and soap bars that eradicate any need for plastic packaging.

Shop smarter

Fast fashion has come under scrutiny for its negative environmental impact. Environmentalists and industry insiders are now calling for consumers to buy better quality goods designed to last, rather than quickly dispose of. And choosing items that are natural (rather than polyester that can contain microfibres and end up polluting our oceans) are a greener choice. Perhaps 2021 will be the year you buy fewer clothes, but treasure them for longer?

Reduce your energy consumption

Simply using less electricity can help make a positive change. Easy ways to reduce your energy consumption include switching traditional bulbs to LED, switching off appliances and running washing machines at lower temperatures.

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