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4 easy ways to reduce energy consumption

4 easy ways to reduce your energy consumption

We are increasingly aware of the need to rely less on fossil fuels to power the UK and to reduce energy consumption. Managing carbon emissions caused by burning fossil fuels to produce energy is crucial to controlling climate change. While there’s a concerted shift towards renewable energy sources, including Energy from Waste plants, reducing demand for power can also help.

  1. Go LED
    When it comes to lighting your home, traditional bulbs consume a lot more energy than newer, energy-efficient LED bulbs. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that replacing old bulbs with LEDs could save £40 per person per year. There’s also the added benefit that LED bulbs rarely, if ever, need replacing – they can last up to 12 times longer than ordinary bulbs. If you’re renovating your home, consider ‘daylighting’ – incorporating natural sunlight into your home with energy-efficient windows and skylights to reduce demand for artificial light.
  2. Switch off
    The industry insiders at Money Supermarket reckon that turning off appliances at the plug, rather than switching to standby, could save an average of £30 a year. To make it even simpler, new smart technology means that you can get plug sockets that can be turned off and on by your phone. And switching lights off that aren’t required, even if they’re LED, can save around £15 a year.
  3. Laundry logic
    Washing full loads of clothes, rather than a few items, and switching to 30°C rather than 40°C can use a third less electricity. Once washed, hanging clothes outside in the summer, or using indoor drying racks in the winter can drastically reduce power consumption. If a tumble dryer is essential, tumble dryer balls can help to minimise drying time. And when it’s time to replace a washing machine, opting for an A+++ rated model over an A+ could save £65 of energy over an 11-year lifespan.
  4. Savvy home heating
    More than half of home energy bills are for heating and hot water. By making simple changes, you can reduce energy consumption and save on your bills.

    • DIY draft proofing around windows and doors is cheap and can pay back the £25 a year saving on energy bills
    • Reducing thermostats by one degree can save around £60 a year
    • Being sensible about your heating and only heating the areas you need when you need them can have a drastic impact
    • Making more significant changes in a home renovation? Installing energy-efficient windows can reduce unnecessary heat loss by 10-20%.

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