Waste Management

Wise Up To Waste In The World Of Hospitality

The hospitality industry produces a large amount of waste in the UK, and due to the sheer volume, unfortunately the industry only manages to recycle less than half of it. Hotels alone produce 289,700 tonnes of waste each year and that is without taking into consideration the huge number of bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes and clubs across the country. Which such a vast amount of waste produced, it is no wonder so much fails to be recycled.

With only 43% of the total waste produced by the hospitality industry currently being recycled, there is clearly a lot more that can be done to help the environment, whilst helping your business to become more efficiently run and cost effective at the same time. Here’s some easy ways to get you started.

5 Easy waste wins in hospitality

  1. Employ a water filtering system to reduce the number of bottles of water you will have to buy. Not only will there will be less plastic left to rot in landfill sites but you will save money. Additionally water filter systems remove just as many, if not more, contaminants than large scale treatment facilities, keeping your guests well looked after.
  2. Invest in dispensing systems for the bathrooms to replace the plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles, further reducing the number of plastic bottles your business has to purchase and dispose of. Not only will this save you money but it will also save your staff time when turning rooms around, as they have less waste to dispose of – instead simply have to top up the dispensers.
  3. Use cloth towels or hand dryers in toilets and bathrooms to reduce the amount of paper towels and tissues disposed of. The more you prevent the creation of waste the less you have to worry about how to dispose of it. Less waste means less time thinking about recycling and more time focusing on other areas of your business.
  4. Use suppliers who will take the packaging with them to allow it to be reused again. A reduced amount of packaging will also save you ample amounts of space in your store rooms and kitchens, as well as taking away the hassle of disposing it.
  5. Use a green waste management company to ensure that the maximum amount of waste is recycled or turned into green energy. At Rabbit Group we offer a single-bin solution, which will save you the time and hassle of separating your waste, with the added assurance that the maximum amount possible will be recycled.

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