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What Makes a Good Waste Partner?

Running a successful business can make life non-stop, hectic and full on. The last thing that you need to be worrying about is whether the rubbish has been collected. Commercial waste management can be a hassle, but there’s no escaping the fact that your business produces a lot of the stuff and someone’s got to get rid of it.

It’s not just the day-to-day waste produced in the office either; there’s also the waste from events you might be holding to schmooze your clients, making renovations or just having a big old clear out. Then there’s the added pressure of upholding your business’ green credentials by recycling your waste.

Basically, you need more than just a rubbish collection company – you need a partner in waste who can manage all your waste needs throughout all aspects of your business.

7 things a good waste partner should provide

  • A reliable day-to-day service – where you can be confident that your waste will be collected in a professional, comprehensive and eco-friendly manner, leaving you one less thing to worry about.
  • A one-bin solution – that means you can put both non-recyclable and recyclable waste all in the same bin and your waste partner will sort it for you, maintaining the green status of your business and, most importantly, saving you and your employees the time and hassle of doing it yourself.
  • Skip hire services – that are available as and when you need them so that all of your waste needs can be met by the same company.
  • An easy booking system – which means if you do find your business needing a skip you can quickly and efficiently go online and order one within seconds
  • Event waste management services – that are available from your usual waste partner will make organising any event less stress. You’ll already have enough on your plate with venue worries and catering complications, you don’t need to add event waste management to your list when putting on an important event for your business.
  • Demolition equipment – to support both small and largescale business renovations and demolitions, because renovating can be stressful enough without having to worry about finding the best company for the job. A waste partner who provides an all-inclusive service should also cover demolitions and renovations.
  • Energy From Waste facilities – to convert waste into green electricity with the aim of maximising recycling and minimising landfill and giving your business a more environmentally-friendly status by being associated with a green waste partner.

At Rabbit Group, we provide an all-inclusive service that incorporates all of these aspects. To make Rabbit your waste partner today or to find out more about the services that we can offer, contact us on 01903 762020 or via