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Tip Top Event Waste Management

The vast amount of considerations to be made when event planning can be overwhelming. In all likelihood your To Do list will feature health and safety plans, licensing arrangements, emergency evacuation plans traffic management and a whole lot more. But one area that doesn’t have to be a hassle is waste management. Here’s our guide to getting your waste management in tip top shape for your next event.

Separating waste for recycling

It is no secret that looking after the environment is a hot topic, generating interest with almost everyone from businesses trying to earn a competitive edge to people worried about the future of generations to come. Therefore you must have a plan for separating recyclable and non-recyclable waste at your event. One option is to have separate bins, but this can be a hassle for event goers and they are likely to put items in the wrong bin. A better option would be to partner with a green waste management company.

At Rabbit Group we provide a single-bin solution. After your event we will collect all the waste and sort the recyclable material from the non-recyclable at our site. This not only makes it easier for your event goers to dispose of their rubbish, but ensures it is sorted correctly – and as our aim is to maximise recycling and minimise landfill, even typically non-recyclable waste is turned into sustainable green electricity through our energy from waste plant. This would mean a near zero landfill waste service for your event.

Providing enough bins

With each person in the UK throwing away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks, you need to ensure they do so properly at your event or everyone will soon disappear under all the debris. A good event planner will make sure that there are enough bins on the site so that no-one is ever so far from a bin that simply dropping their rubbish becomes an option. You can also encourage event goers to take responsibility for their own litter by making regular announcements, erecting ‘keep it clean’ banners, acknowledging support from ‘green’ local businesses or offering reward incentives.

Removal of waste from the event site

During the event, bins should be emptied regularly and the rubbish removed from the site to keep the environment hygienic and safe, as well as getting rid of any nasty odours. Emptying the bins regularly will also encourage more correct disposal of litter because the bins will never be too full. Regular bin emptying should also extend to any businesses operating stalls or working at the event.

Despite your best efforts to minimise waste throughout the duration, there is still likely to be a blanket of litter on the ground once everyone has gone home. So make sure you have an army of staff or volunteers lined up to litter pick the area as soon as the event ends to get the venue back into best condition – remember many hands make light work.

If you’re planning an event and are on the lookout for a reliable waste management company or need some more information on waste management generally, then give us a call on 01903 762020 or email us at and talk to our experienced team members about your event waste management plan.