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The post-Christmas refresh

The post-Christmas refresh

For those who just can’t wait for March to arrive for the annual Spring Clean, post-Christmas is a great time to get your home organised.

Getting the decorations down

Clearing away the decorations can be quite cathartic, if a little sad. Stripping back the tinsel and glitter and boxing things away neatly for next year is an excellent opportunity to get your home clean and organised for the New Year. Unfortunately, many Christmas decorations can’t be recycled, and that includes baubles and tinsel. Instead, take the handy advice from Recycle Now and use Freecycle to pass decorations on.

Recycle your Christmas tree

Too many Christmas Trees are not properly disposed of. When a Christmas tree ends up in a landfill it decomposes and produces methane, a greenhouse gas that’s bad for our climate. You can avoid the hassle of disposal altogether by choosing an artificial tree that you can use year after year, but if you do opt for the real thing, make sure you deal with it properly after Christmas. Greenpeace has got some excellent suggestions of what to do with your tree, including replanting or donating to conservation schemes.

Prepare your home for 2018

Finding new homes for Christmas gifts could mean clearing out unwanted items around your home. Take the opportunity to have a home refresh. Make a plan, consider hiring a skip (if it’s going to be a big overhaul), pull everything out for a systematic sort-out and have a good tidy-up. We’ve got some great tips for getting your home ready for home renovations if January marks the start of a big project for you too.

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