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The Benefits of Working with a Multi-Service Supplier

Many hands do not always make light work. For some clients it would be more apt to say too many cooks spoil the broth and chaos can ensue. This is never more so than when dealing with umpteen contractors all providing different but essential services – waste management, recycling, skip hire, plant hire and demolition, among them. Not only can working with a single supplier of these key services save you time and money, it can also improve efficiency.

The convenience score

Organising several suppliers to deal with different parts of your construction project or your waste management can be a time-consuming nightmare to manage. Instead of juggling what needs to be delivered and when and having to keep in touch with a host of suppliers to ensure that you get what you need when you need it, how much easier would life be if only one call was needed and a single point of contact else was taking care of that side of things for you? How much more convenient would it be to work with a company that can provide you with any size skip you need, collect your waste and recycle most of it, deliver a wide range of well-maintained plant and equipment, and even take care of demolition jobs, as required?

Multiple benefits of a multi-service supplier

Killing more than two birds with one stone is one key benefit of working with a single multi-service supplier but what if that supplier also helps you achieve other important goals. Rabbit Group not only offers a single point of access to key services but our energy from waste plant also means your waste will either be recycled or turned into green electricity.

By working with a multi-service supplier you will be ticking many boxes – convenience, efficiency, time and cost-savings, less stress and helping the environment.

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