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5 Signs that it’s Time to End your Relationship with your Waste Management Partner

Are you wasting time worrying about waste management? When an existing supplier starts to create more problems than they solve, it’s time for a new waste management partner. A reputable and reliable waste management partner will take care of all your waste-related hassles and leave you to get on with more important tasks.

Vital signs it’s time to change suppliers

There are five tell-tale signs that it’s time to find a new waste management company:

  1. Missed collections: Unreliable waste collection is not only annoying, it can lead to mess that’s unsightly and could also be dangerous as it can attract rats and spread germs. Not to mention the smell. None of these factors create a good first impression on visitors to your premises, but it’s also simply bad service, which results in your time being wasted, chasing up the waste collection firm and trying to organise alternative collections.
  2. Bins bins everywhere: If your current waste management provider asks you to separate your waste so much that you seem to have a technicolour rainbow of different bins, it is probably time for a change. These bins take up space and wastes time as staff try to work out which one their disposable coffee cup should go into. At Rabbit Group we will offer you the best solution for your business and endeavour to minimise the number of bins you require, this may even mean a single-bin solution where we sort the rubbish for you.
  3. One size does not fit all: When a waste management company only offers one size of bin it can be a real pain. Bigger bins and skips than you need just take up precious space and get in the way, while ones that are too small fill up too quickly. Working with a waste partner that offers a wide range of bin sizes plus rear-end loader containers of different sizes for commercial use means always having the right size and being able to change, depending on the fluctuations in your waste production.
  4. Wasted waste: In today’s climate of corporate social responsibility it pays to be a green business, which means knowing exactly what happens to the waste you produce once it’s taken away. This is easily achieved by working with a waste management company committed to achieving zero waste to landfill by maximising recycling and using non-recyclables to produce green energy.
  5. We Can’t Take That: It is definitely time to end your relationship with your waste management partner if you’re hearing those words too often. At Rabbit, we offer waste management solutions that suit your needs and your business, as well as helping the environment.

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