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Can all plastic bottles can be recycled?

Can all plastic bottles can be recycled?

As a nation, we are slowly getting better at recycling. But Recycle Now estimate that although an average of 35.8 million plastic bottles are used each day in the UK, only 19.8 million of those are recycled. And those that aren’t getting recycled are causing a major problem. The vast majority of plastic bottles can be recycled through household recycling collections. But can all types of plastic bottles be recycled?

Which types of plastic bottles are recyclable?

It’s not just the obvious milk bottles that can be recycled. Households often forget other plastic bottles found around the home that are recyclable too. These include

  • detergent and soap bottles (but not the pump part)
  • empty bottles of cleaning solutions (even the triggers)
  • cosmetic and skincare product bottles
  • shampoo and shower gel bottles

Preparing bottles for recycling

Plastic bottles for recycling must be clean and dry, as leftover liquid can contaminate other recycling and damage the recycling machinery. Give food and drink containers a good rinse and leave to dry, or you might find some are suitable to put into your dishwasher before you transfer to the recycling bin. Don’t worry about removing lids and labels, these can be recycled too.

Are there any non-recyclable plastic bottles?

Yes – but not many. Just avoid putting any plastic bottles that have contained chemicals (like anti-freeze) in them. Your local recycling centre can advise the best way to dispose of items like these.

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