Green Waste Management

Did You Know…? Amazing Facts About Recycling Today

The main recycling groups are Cardboard/Paper, Glass, Metal and Plastic. You might be surprised at the types of products which can be made from recycling these materials.

Did you know cardboard and paper can be recycled five times? Yes, really. Cardboard and paper is recycled an average of five times into new packaging products, and newspapers and magazines – which can then go on to be used as animal bedding. However, left in landfill sites, as much of it still is, it will produce methane gas, which directly contributes to global warming.

Did you know glass can be infinitely recycled? Glass never loses its quality. It is a sustainable resource and its savings on raw materials could be as high as 80%. Whilst it can be recycled into more glass bottles, recycled glass is also used widely by the construction industry as building sand or lightweight construction aggregate. Pretty amazing to think that by recycling your bottle of wine from the weekend you could be helping to build a house.

… And so can Metal Like glass metal doesn’t lose its quality, so the recycling process can continue indefinitely. The metal that you are likely to put in your recycling bin comes in two forms – Aluminium, in the form of drinks cans, and Steel, such as food cans. It only takes six weeks for a can to be recycled back into another can, but metal has many other uses, particularly in the transport industry. Aluminium can be used for cars and aeroplanes, whilst steel can be used for bicycle frames and train tracks. Your recycled cans could be helping to transport people around the country.

Plastic can be recycled – We’re serious In fact there are over 45 different plastics, most of which can be recycled. Much of this recycled plastic is used by the textile industry. If shredded it can be made into clothes – fleeces, hats and suits. But if moulded it can keep you warm at night as the filling in your sleeping bags, duvets and loft insulation.

We all have the opportunity to recycle these materials everyday and we see the products of such recycling in our everyday lives. If you live in a house that has insulation, you have a fleece, a hat or a suit, you like to read a magazine, and you sleep under a duvet – then you will probably be using some of these recycled materials already. But there is always more that can be done. Think about what more you could do today.

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