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Who are WRAP?

Rabbit Group is proud to be an active member of the wider waste community. Have you spotted our partners and the organisations we’re part of on our homepage? One organisation we’re associated with is the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

What do WRAP do?

WRAP is a UK charity set up to help organisations achieve greater resource efficiency. They partner with governments, businesses and communities to deliver practical solutions to encourage re-use, repurposing and recycling. WRAP focus on three key areas within waste management – food and drink, clothing and textiles, and electricals and electronics. Within these sectors, there’s a focus on maximising the value of waste by increasing the quantity and quality of materials collected for reuse and recycling.

An advocate for more recycling and reprocessing

Part of WRAP’s work is supporting the waste management sector to help increase recycling rates, promoting innovation in resource re-use and reducing waste overall. Well-known and powerful campaigns such as Recycle Now, Love Food Hate Waste and Love Your Clothes are all key consumer-facing campaigns led by WRAP. They’re designed to highlight waste issues to the public and provide easy, practical tips that can make a different to the global waste issue.

Producing insightful reports

WRAP regularly publish reports on the state of waste management, including reports looking at how much people are recycling. WRAP has compiled recycling guidelines and looked closely at the environmental and economic benefits of re-use. WRAPs research is publically available and can be used by local authorities, businesses and individuals to improve the way they manage their waste and recycle.

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