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UK waste industry – coping with Covid 19

UK waste industry - coping with Covid 19

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the human race on a global scale. Hundreds of thousands of families have tragically lost loved ones, businesses are struggling and many world economies are at an all time low.

Yet, here and there, little pockets of light have appeared to keep countries going through this terrible crisis. And in true British spirit, the majority of the UK is standing strong in support of one another.

Every Thursday evening, for example, members of the British public stand at their front doors to applaud the workers of the National Health Service and other key workers who are keeping the country going during the crisis. Drawings of rainbows have lit up the windows of homes across the UK and thank you notes are being left for key workers, including those who collect the waste.

Staff who work in the waste collection, recycling and waste management industries are being recognised as key workers, as they work to ensure households and the environment continue to be protected against problems associated with an accumulation of waste and the incorrect disposal of it.

Our Energy from Waste facility at Rabbit, continues to burn non-recyclable waste, generating enough green power for 8,000 homes and diverts waste away from problematic landfill sites, while skip hire in West Sussex and indeed most of the UK, has been gradually going up.

Skip hire on the rise

During the Coronavirus lockdown, which began in March, skip hire for households has increased, due to the good weather and so many people self-isolating, furloughed and working from home.

Those who have found themselves with extra time on their hands have taken the opportunity to improve the environment which surrounds them, by getting rid of any unnecessary waste in the most appropriate way and recycling when and where they can.

DIY jobs are getting done and people are tidying up their homes and gardens as they look ahead to brighter days when the virus has been defeated.

Business as usual

At Rabbit Skips, we have around ten office and sundry staff working from home and a few staff on furlough. Our remaining staff are of course practising social-distancing and regular hand washing, to keep in line with Government advice.

It’s very much business as normal as possible. In fact, we’ve been so busy with orders for household skips that there is now a lead time of up to a week for deliveries of some skip sizes.

If you would like to find out more about the sizes of skips which are available, skip prices, or how long the time to wait for a skip might be and where we can deliver to, why not get in touch with a member of our team?

Contact us today to find out more about Rabbit Group’s skip hire and recycling facilities. Reach us on 01903 762020 or email