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The Big Spring Clean – how to get organised for the big Bank Holiday blitz

The Big Spring Clean – how to get organised for the big Bank Holiday blitz

The long Easter weekend, combined with some spring sunshine, sees many of us emerge from our cosy homes, roll up our sleeves and embark on some much-needed tidying and cleaning. Whether that’s blitzing the garden after the long winter or sorting out the house from top-to-bottom, for many the annual Easter sort-out is a cathartic opportunity to welcome in the longer, warmer days.

Make a plan

Four days might seem like a good length of time to get everything done, but before you pull every cupboard open and empty out your entire loft, shed and garage, be realistic about how much you can achieve. Come evening on Easter Monday you want things to be as back to normal as possible and enjoying your fresh and tidy home.

Consider zoning your house and systematically declutter and clean one zone at time, giving yourself some breathing space in case things take a little longer than anticipated. Equip yourself with all the cleaning items you’ll need, as well as bin bags, and make sure you hire a skip in plenty of time.

Get the right help

If you’re planning a major clear-out, get your family involved to make it lighter work and more enjoyable too. Chances are you’ll have a lot of rubbish and unwanted stuff after your clear-out, which could mean a lot of trips to the tip (and joining the lengthy Bank Holiday queues each time you go). Consider instead hiring a skip and have Rabbit take it all away for you once the Bank Holiday is over.

Donate, sell and recycle

Who knows what you’ll find at the back of the shed or lurking in your loft? If it’s been there untouched for at least the past year or two, there’s every possibility you don’t need it anymore. Unwanted items that are in good condition can be donated to your local charity shop or you could make some money by listing them on a local social media selling page or site, such as Gumtree.

Other items could be recycled, rather than sent to landfill. When you book a skip with Rabbit, all your waste is sorted at the depot, where recyclable items such as plastic and metal are retrieved. Anything that can’t be recycled is incinerated to generate electricity. So your waste is having a positive impact on the environment too.

Starting afresh

At the end of Easter Monday, sit back in a clean, clutter-free home and enjoy your surroundings. Although you might need another long weekend to recover from your efforts…!

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