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Plastic waste – the lessons we need this Easter

Plastic waste - the lessons we need this Easter

Easter is around the corner. And with it, the promise of chocolatey treats wrapped tantalisingly in shiny packaging. In 2019, we looked at the Easter Bunny’s plastic problem, which included top tips on how to have an eco-friendly Easter, by avoiding non-recyclable vacuum plastic, looking out for hidden plastic, and encouraging plastic-free choices. But how far have we come in two years? Does Easter still pose a plastic problem?

Look for eco-packaging

Not all confectioners have the environment front of mind when it comes to Easter. Some chocolatiers are doing more than others. Local Sussex company, Montezuma’s, has moved their entire range into sustainable packaging. Over in the mainstream, Cadbury owner Mondelez International announced that they’re aiming for 100% recyclable packaging, as well as reducing the amount of packaging it uses. And plastic aside, you might also want to consider brands that pride themselves on their ethical principles, ensuring farmers are paid a fair price. The Independent compiled a list of ethical chocolate brands, many of which will have Easter Egg offerings worth looking at.

Choose recycled plastic – then recycle it again

An unwanted side effect of the coronavirus pandemic was that it made new plastic much cheaper than recycled plastic because oil prices plummeted. If you’re buying plastic-wrapped eggs, you can help do your bit by checking the packaging before you buy and seeing whether it’s made from recycled plastic. And crucially, recycling the plastic again once the chocolate has been unwrapped and eaten!

Consider your decorations

Celebrating Easter has gone beyond merely exchanging eggs. It’s become a time where we decorate our homes with bunting and Easter trees and set up elaborate Easter Egg hunts for children. So, the pursuit of an eco-friendly Easter should go beyond how the eggs themselves are packaged. Instead of plastic bunting, plastic baskets and plastic toys, consider paper or fabric items instead. And if you buy plastic, make sure it’s a recyclable type (and that’s made from recycled plastic in the first place) or things that you’re sure you’ll use for your Easter celebrations year after year.

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