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Local skip hire benefits explained

Local skip hire benefits explained

When it comes to dealing with household waste, many people might think that a trip to the tip is the only option, especially when there’s too much of it to put out for the usual bin collection. But, did you know that local skip hire is an alternative which can save you money and help the environment in the process?

It’s widely known that vehicles which are larger than cars, such as transit vans and lorries, are unable to use a household waste recycling centre. So, if you’ve got lots of household waste to get rid of, for example, if you’ve had a loft clear out, garden tidy up, or house clearance, it means several journeys in the car will be necessary to get it all there and back. And, if your local household waste recycling centre is a good distance away, that will, in turn, mean high costs in fuel and an added impact on the environment, through the extra carbon emissions.

With the rising cost of fuel putting a huge dent in everyone’s pockets this year, not to mention concerns surrounding global warming making us all feel uneasy, then local skip hire may be the more sensible option.

Local skip hire to suit a range of requirements

At Rabbit Skips, we offer a range of local skips for hire which start from the 2-yard mini skip hire – capable of taking approximately 40 black bags of waste and suitable for low volume waste clearance. Skips sizes then rise by two yards each time, until you get to the largest skip size available, which is the 12-yard skip hire – suitable for building site clearance, industrial premises or demolition sites.

If you’re wondering which skip size you need, then you might find it useful to know that we describe the capacity of our skips either in cubic yards/metres or by the approximate number of plastic waste bags that each can hold. So, you’ll get a good idea of how much waste each skip can take.

It’s important to be realistic when estimating how much waste you might have, as hiring a larger size can be more cost effective than finding that you need to order a second one and then wait for it to be delivered.

It’s also important to remember that all skips must be level-loaded so that they can be legally transported on the road.

Added benefits of local skip hire

The reduced carbon footprint and cost of fuel are only two of the benefits of local skip hire. When you’re undertaking a large clearance job, you can say goodbye to the added inconvenience of having to get rid of your rubbish.

We will deliver the skip to you and when you’re ready, we will come and take it away. In addition, at Rabbit Skips we always have the environment front and centre in our minds, which means that we’re committed to maximising recycling and reducing the burden on the UK’s overstretched landfill sites.

On top of this, you can book your skip hire services online, so, if you aren’t a fan of chatting on the phone, or simply don’t have the time, then booking a skip is only a couple of clicks away.

Let us do the dirty work for you. Book a skip online with us today and give yourself more time to enjoy the summer sunshine, with less time spent on rubbish removal.