Green Waste Management

How to be an Eco-Friendly Gift-Giver

We all love Christmas, a time of plenty – decorations, food and, of course, presents. But there is something else that is plentiful at Christmas that we are all too quick to forget about – waste, plenty of waste.

Every Christmas Britons throw out the equivalent of 2 million turkeys, 5 million Christmas puddings, 74 million mince pies and nearly enough turkey fat to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

But it’s not just Christmas food that gets thrown away. Gift giving also contributes to the mountain of Christmas waste. Every year enough wrapping paper to go around the Equator nine times is used and then discarded.

Yet if everyone made just one change to reduce the amount of waste they produce this Christmas it would make a massive difference. Becoming an eco-friendly gift-giver is a great way to do this – and it can help you add a personal touch to the presents too.

Here are 10 ways to become and eco-friendly gift giver this Christmas:

  1. Make your own Christmas cards
  2. Even better send E-cards
  3. Buy locally made gifts
  4. Buy gifts made from recycled materials
  5. Buy gifts with little or no packaging
  6. Use wrapping paper that can be recycled
  7. Be sparing with sellotape to lengthen the life of the wrapping paper
  8. Reuse newspaper and magazines instead of wrapping paper
  9. Make your own gifts
  10. Re-gift unwanted, unused presents

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