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All about permits for skips


All about permits for skipsSkip permits, or skip licenses, don’t have to be complicated but there are things you’ll need to know about skip hire, especially if you’re planning on hiring a skip and putting it on public land, such as the road outside your house.

What is a skip permit?

A skip permit is permission from the local council to place a skip on public land. It outlines how long the skip can stay there and any safety rules that must be followed, such as reflective markings or traffic cones.

Does everyone need a skip permit?

Not everyone hiring a skip will need a permit. If the skip will be placed entirely on private land, such as a driveway, field or garden, you won’t need a skip permit.

What considerations are there if the skip needs to go on the road?

In addition to the skip permit, you may also need to apply for a parking bay suspension if the skip will be placed in an area where there are parking bays, pay to park or residents parking permits. The skip hirer is responsible for securing a parking bay suspension. The skip hire company will need the bay suspension number before being able to deliver a skip into a bay or restricted area.

How do I get a parking bay suspension?

If you are applying for a parking bay suspension in the Adur & Worthing Council area, see here for more information. If you are applying for the Brighton & Hove City Council area, see here for more information.

Who issues skip permits?

Local councils are responsible for issuing skip permits. You can read more about how skip permits are issued on the government website but Rabbit takes care of skip permits on your behalf, should you need one.

How long does it take to arrange a skip permit?

Arranging a skip permit doesn’t take long but it’s best to allow four working days.

How long is the skip permit valid for?

Permits tend to run for one, two or four weeks but this depends on your local council.

Where can I get advice and guidance on hiring a skip?

When you hire a skip from Rabbit we take care of pretty much everything. The cost of the permit is included in the hire fee and we will secure any permit required. We’ll also advise you on any safety markings required, which are the responsibility of the skip hirer.

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