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7 Steps to Zero Waste

“The dustbin of Europe” is how the UK was described back in 2007 and although the situation has improved, unfortunately landfill is currently still the main method of waste management in the UK.

Landfill sites are not a long term solution for waste management, and in 2010, analysis by the Local Government Association forecast that Britain would reach its landfill limit in 2018.

National Zero Waste week has now been running for 7 years and this year the theme is ‘One more thing’. It is a build up of the little things that make the big things possible and if every person in the UK population made one positive change in the way they deal with their waste, then we would see some huge differences in national waste statistics.

So, when Zero Waste week comes around this year, onthe 2nd September,what ‘one more thing’ could you do to help make a huge difference? We have come up with 7 examples of simple ways that you can reduce your waste:

  •  Buy products which can be reused, such as rechargeable batteries, and reusable carrier or canvas bags for shopping.
  • Have a clear out and donate your unwanted clothes to charity – one man’s junk is another mans treasure.
  • Don’t throw away left over food, take it to work for your lunch the next day, use it to make something else with or invest in a compost heap.
  • Use take-away plastic pots as tupperware for food or for other general storage purposes rather than throw them away – if you have to throw them away, check out your local council’s recycling, do they accept plastic?
  • Reduce paper waste with online banking and requesting to receive your utilitybills online.
  • Buy items made from recycled products.
  • Glass drinks bottles can be reused indefinitely, so make the easy switch from plastic water bottles to a glass water bottle – it will save you money in replacements too.

Reducing the amount of waste at work could also have large benefits for your business.

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