What if I can't have the skip off road, can it go on the highway?

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Where it is not possible to have a skip on your own property, skips can be legally placed on the public highway or on a verge. However, skips placed on a public highway must have a pre-applied Highway Permit from the County or City Council Authority and must have the correct signage and lights (not supplied by Rabbit). These permits are applied for and issued to the skip hire company. (The grass verge outside your house may not be owned by you and therefore you may need a permit, but councils do not normally allow skips on grass verges.) Please allow at least four working days for a road permit to be granted.

If you require a skip to be delivered on the road in an area where there are parking bays, pay to park, or residents parking permits then an additional permission is required, in the form of a bay suspension – THIS HAS TO BE SOUGHT BY THE HIRER FROM THE LOCAL COUNCIL AS THESE WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO THE SKIP COMPANY. Parking bay suspensions can normally be made on-line to the local council, or via the Town Hall or Parking Shop. We will need the bay suspension number prior to being able to deliver a skip into a bay or restricted area. We cannot deliver the skip before the permit has been granted, and parking bay suspension issued if necessary.

If you live in the Worthing and Adur Council area visit their parking pages for further information.

If you live in the Brighton & Hove City Council area find out more about their parking suspension here.