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How to have a greener 2020

How to have a greener 2020

2019 shone a light on the urgency of environmental issues. But at the COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid in December 2019, activist Greta Thunberg accused world leaders of attempting to find loopholes to avoid meaningful action on climate change.

And earlier in the year, Extinction Rebellion’s protests fostered more support than ever before as they warned about an unprecedented global climate emergency. Whether the words and actions of these activists and groups drive further change is yet to be seen. But what can individuals do to contribute to a greener 2020?

Eat less meat

It’s a tip that got a lot of attention in 2019 and not all positive. Reports from organisations such as Earth Day claimed that eating more plant-based foods and reducing food waste is better for the health of people and the planet. It is thought that if everyone ate less meat and tried initiatives such as Meat Free Mondays, demand for meat would fall and greenhouse gas emissions would decrease.

Conserve energy

It’s a tip that’s been around for years, but not one that we always stick to: simply switching off electricals, rather than leaving them on standby, can do wonders for reducing your carbon footprint.

Switch to renewables

When it’s time to switch energy suppliers, choose a tariff that uses 100% renewable power, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, tidal and wave power. Look at suppliers such as Bulb, Ecotricity and Octopus, or use a green energy comparison like those offered by Money Supermarket.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Another one that’s been drilled into us for years (but that we can often do more of) – recycle, recycle, recycle. When you hire a skip from Rabbit, you don’t even have to sort your recycling – we do it for you.

Pass on non-recyclable coffee cups

Many disposable coffee cups are still not recyclable. And while some smart new recycling technologies are emerging, taking your own refillable cup is still the gold standard. The same goes for water bottles – taking your own water bottle, rather than buying single-use bottles can help make a positive difference to plastic pollution.

Think about your transport choices

Being more mindful about how your travel, whether that’s giving your holiday more careful thought, choosing an electric car, or opting for public transport and leaving the car at home altogether, can all contribute to protecting our environment.

Reduce and reuse

If we put our minds to it, there are plenty of ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle to contribute to a greener world.

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