What can I put in the skip - mixed lightweight or inert waste?

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Please remember that we can’t accept POP items in our skips (mattresses, sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, beanbags, sofa cushions, etc).

Skips are for general waste (mixed lightweight) and 'inert' waste (heavy) only.

Mixed Lightweight Waste includes garden clearance waste and household clearance waste whilst Inert Heavy Waste includes industrial building materials.

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Mixed Lightweight Waste

  • Plants/bushes
  • Wood, plastics, cardboard and small amounts of plasterboard
  • Empty painting equipment – paint tins, pots, dry brushes and rollers
  • Window frames and furniture
  • Fabrics and carpet
  • Bin bag waste' and packaging

Inert Heavy Waste

The largest skip we supply for 'inert' materials is a 6-yard skip.

  • Soil, brick, clay, concrete, sand, chalk (lightweight blocks), ballast, Ash, Gravel,
  • Plaster (no bags or wood/lathes or plasterboard)
  • Metal
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Roof tiles (Slate, concrete, clay)
  • Glass (no frames or fittings)
  • Porcelain toilets or sinks (no fitting or taps)