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How to have an eco-friendly Halloween

How to have an eco-friendly Halloween

Two years ago, we talked about the frightening truth about Halloween waste. The stats were alarming, including that 12,500 tons of Halloween costumes get sent to landfill each year.

But with the popularity of Halloween appearing to grow each year, how can you join in on the fun, but make sensible choices that respect the environment and contribute less waste?

Use reusable bags for Trick or Treating

At this time of year, shop displays get all orange and spooky, selling plastic decorations and buckets for Trick or Treaters. But instead of choosing a plastic bucket that might crack and need disposing of, choose wisely. Something that can be used year on year (if you’re willing to commit to that!), or decorate a plain cotton, reusable bag. Whichever you decide, make sure it isn’t something that’s going to contribute to waste.

Do a costume swap

A lot of kids have a different Halloween costume every year, partly because they keep growing! But instead of adding to an ever-increasing pile of dressing-up, host a costume swap party, or donate and buy them from your local charity shop. Shop-bought costumes can be costly, so you’ll save some money too – it’s just one night, after all.

Choose sweets wisely

Similar to Easter and Christmas, confectionary at Halloween can get pretty elaborate. That can mean excessive packaging, mostly plastic. So, when you’re shopping for treats, be mindful of how much packaging is being used. Think about how much of it is recyclable to help you choose which to buy. Avoid ‘flow-wrap’ and vacuum plastic in particular, as these are non-recyclable.

Make the most out of your pumpkin

Most of us only buy pumpkin once a year, and primarily it’s for carving and decorating. The rest is disposed of when it’s usually perfectly edible. In fact, it’s estimated that seven out of ten pumpkins are not eaten. To encourage people to reduce their pumpkin waste, environmental waste charity Hubbub approached celebrity chefs to curate a list of pumpkin-based recipes. Pies, soups and cakes are all included in the rundown.

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