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How do you save water in a heatwave?

How do you save water in a heatwave?

So far, the summer of 2018 has surpassed most people’s expectations and it’s been long, hot and dry. While the south of England has yet to be hit with a hosepipe ban that restricts how people use water, it’s responsible to take steps to protect water supplies during heatwaves to avoid such bans. It also reduces energy consumption (cleaning dirty water is an energy intensive process), and you’ll see a difference on your household bills by reducing your water consumption too.

Use ‘grey’ water

Grey water is waste water from baths, sinks and kitchen appliances like washing machines. Habit tells us to pull the plug on baths and let this water back into the system for cleaning, but actually, it can be put to other uses first. Why not use bathwater (or paddling pool water) to water your garden?

Use your dishwasher

These days, dishwashers are highly efficient appliances and use less water than washing up by hand. So as a long as you’ve got a full load of dirty dishes, consider using your dishwasher instead and give the marigolds a break.

Turn off the tap

Don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth – it’s a habit that many of us are guilty of. It can save six litres of water per minute. And given the NHS recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, that’s a saving of 24 litres a day per person.

Opt for showers over baths

Showers use less water than baths, so by taking short showers, you can save a lot of water – anything up to 45 litres a minute. Installing an aerated shower head to combine water and air can save more water still.

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