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Hiring A Skip Has Never Been So Easy…

With the introduction of charges for disposing of various wastes at local tips now is a good time to realise how cost effective hiring one of our skips can be. Charges of £4 per sack-full of DIY and other types of rubbish are coming into force at local tips from 1st Oct 2016.

One of our 2 yard skips can cater for approximately 40 sacks full of similar rubbish and costs just £82.80 inc VAT if booked online. This compares to a cost of £160 to dispose of the same amount at a local tip and will also save you the cost of fuel for your car plus the cost of bags and the time it takes to travel to the tip and clean your car out afterwards.

Hiring one of our skips is easy, can be done online or by phone, is convenient with no queuing at the tip, is easy, you don’t have to put your rubbish in bags just put it straight in the skip and importantly it saves you time and costs less!

So go ahead, get the Rabbit Habit and book online today.