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10 ideas for reusing plastics

The plastic crisis our world faces continues to make the headlines. This month, BBC 1 showed a powerful documentary, Drowning in Plastic, emphasising the devastating impact plastic is having on the environment.

Until radical and sustainable solutions are found to overcome our reliance on plastics, there is more that can and should be done in the meantime.

Recycling is imperative, as is reducing our own plastic consumption by making better buying choices. But reusing plastics can help by reducing the amount of plastic that ends up contaminating our environment and is especially important for plastics that are harder to recycle.

  1. Use large plastic bottles as kitchen storage containers for rice, pasta, flour and other dried goods
  2. Larger plastic washing detergent bottles make excellent watering cans. After washing them out thoroughly, drill holes in the lid and fill with water
  3. Use the bases of two-litre bottles to make a marvellous herb garden in your kitchen. Better still, use harder-to-recycle plastics like black food trays for this purpose
  4. Create an ingenious vertical garden using old water bottles
  5. Bottle caps sometimes can’t be recycled, so create something special with them instead like this innovative bottle cap lampshade
  6. Reuse trigger spray bottles by making homemade vinegar-based cleaning solutions, or just fill them with water for spraying plants
  7. Wash and sterilise plastic toys and pack them off to the charity shop, nurseries or your local children’s ward
  8. Particularly crafty folk might enjoy weaving old plastic into something completely new
  9. Plastic bottles can be easily made into birdfeeders for your garden – a great activity if you’ve got children in your family
  10. Hang on to old toothbrushes and use them to clean around taps and between computer keyboards – then consider an eco-friendly toothbrush next time

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