Energy Recovery Facility

Maximising Recycling & Minimising Landfill with Our Energy Recovery Facility

Rabbit have invested in the technology to generate green electricity from your collected waste, minimising the use of landfill sites and making our landscape cleaner and greener for everyone.

It’s part of our commitment to green waste management, particularly for commercial settings where recycling is less commonly practiced.

How Does The Energy Recovery Process Work?

One of the most important things about Rabbit Group is that it has always striven to deliver the very best in green waste disposal; as a result, the comprehensive process that takes place in the energy recovery facility is very important.

Here is the process followed:

  • All waste collected by Rabbit is processed through a fully automated materials recovery facility to remove all recyclable materials: soil, bricks and hardcore go to the construction and aggregate industries, metals are sent directly to metal merchants and plastics are bailed prior to going to specialist plastic pre-processors.
  • The remaining, non-recyclable, materials are then finely shredded and screened to remove any additional metals before being burned, in a fully automated and closely monitored process, to generate super-heated steam which drives high-pressure turbines which, in turn, drive a generator to produce up to 5 megawatts of green electricity.
  • The exhaust from the combustors is treated through a cooling process and filter plant, with all emissions being maintained below permitted levels and monitored 24/7. Even the ash produced is recycled into aggregate.

This process is carried out with a single aim, to maximise recycling whilst minimising landfill waste, and utilising non-recyclable waste to generate clean energy is an important part of achieving that.

What Are The Environmental Benefits?

This process, taking place in a state-of-the-art facility, offers Rabbit customers a near-zero landfill waste service and is superior to traditional ‘mass burn incineration’ processes as it produces significantly more energy.

By co-locating the recycling and energy generation facilities, and eliminating transportation to landfill sites, we also achieve a significant reduction on vehicle-generated CO₂.

Rabbit are now diverting over 60,000 tonnes of waste per year away from landfill sites while generating sufficient, sustainable, green electricity for approximately 8,000 homes.

A win – win for the environment, driven by the commitment of Rabbit

Effective Green Waste Disposal Management

There are many different aspects to Rabbit Group, including skip hiredemolition equipment and plant hire but the core of the company is focussed on providing effective green waste disposal management – and with our energy recovery process it’s possible to minimise the negative impacts that waste disposal has on the environment.

If you’d like more information on our energy recovery facility, please feel free to browse the news section of the site.